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Employment & HR

LK BALTICA acts mainly for the Employer. Claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination can often be avoided or defeated by ensuring that procedural and legal requirements have been implemented and observed by the Employer. We can reduce the possibility of a claim being brought against your company by ensuring that your employment contracts, procedures and policies are up to date and compliant with current law and regulatory practice. A simple legal ‘health-check’ on your HR policies and practice could save your business considerable expense and time in dealing with employment disputes.

Employment regulations are constantly changing with the effect that staff related issues have become a minefield for the Employer to deal with. With the increasing concentration on employees’ rights and the complex obligations placed upon businesses, it is essential to have direct access to the best legal advice to streamline your HR activities and protect your business.

LK BALTICA handles the following areas of employment law:

  • Compliance & Anti-Corruption (creating a policy and staff training)
  • Contracts (drafting new contracts or updating existing contracts)
  • Covenants of non-competition and non-solicitation
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Grievance procedures
  • Health & Safety issues
  • Holiday and Sick-leave issues
  • Maternity and paternity issues
  • Redundancies
  • Staff Handbook drafting or updating
  • Working Time Regulations